Welcome To HZ Solutions

We are proud to provide the most cost effective and optimal solutions to our customers while adhering to the highest standard of quality control


We do not just build web sites, we build successful web sites.
Our E-Commerce Solutions Includes:

  • Development and configuration of an interactive catalog of your products and services
  • Inventory management, shipping and tax calculation
  • Integrated shopping cart with multiple item checkout functionality
  • Automated credit card authorization and payment processing
  • Online marketing and web site traffic analysis tools
  • Unlimited, 24 / 7 Expert Technical Support

Business Solutions

At HZSolutions, we believe that any software project is possible. We have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to develop any mission-critical custom software solution., whether you require the development of a complete application, application component, or application integration. We provide innovative custom software solutions that are unsurpassed in today’s marketplace, and we are able to deliver these solutions to our clients in a manner that assists them in achieving their business objectives.

HZSolutions has extensive expertise offering custom software development services on Windows and Web platforms.¬†We pride ourselves on our team’s knowledge and skill. Our developers have an average of five years development experience coding and working with numerous programming languages, protocols, platforms and operating systems, frameworks, tools and technologies. Our experience and technical competence allow us to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

HZSolutions has experience providing the following types of custom software solutions:

  • Complete software applications
  • Components of software applications
  • Application Integration

We have an established reputation as a low-maintenance development partner that can work independently, or as an extension of our client’s development team, allowing our clients to focus on their core business. We are able to take projects from conception to completion and deliver results on time and on budget.



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